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For the community of Vermont, Studfield Dental Group offers excellence in care, state of the art technology and a highly skilled dental team. Dr. Michael Kotsifakis, primary dentist and founder of Knox Dental Group has more than 25 years of experience growing his skill in the areas of implantology, aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry. We also offer general dentistry, dental imaging, stem cell treatment, whitening, all-on-four procedures and sleep dentistry, as well as emergency appointments.

We are a family dentist and welcome children. We offer free orthodontic consultations to help determine the needs of your child, and encourage good dental hygiene habits and overall well being.

We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of dental technology, which has had major growth in the last few years. Our dentists regularly attend Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses. An exciting area of growth is the use of stem cells for dental implant treatment and healing. We use the regenerative therapy technique, which uses the patient’s blood cells to accelerate regeneration and repair bone and tissue in teeth, which has allowed the highest success rates when it comes to bone regeneration therapies.

Whatever your dental needs, we look forward to meeting you. For live appointments, see our website Alternatively, visit our practice at 8/249 Stud Road, Wantima, South, Victoria 3152.Phone: 0398870888 Email: