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Top 3 Easy Dental Cosmetic Treatments to Consider!

Are you still on the fence about opting for a full smile makeover? This can cover various aspects of your teeth and often requires different solutions. At SDG we understand, however, that sometimes you want to test the waters before diving in completely. That’s why we’ve put together the 3 most simple and affordable cosmetic treatments that will allow you to boost your smile in the quickest time possible!

Here’s our top 3 Dental Cosmetic Treatments worth considering:

Teeth Whitening

You might have wondered if over-the-counter whitening kits are as efficient as what you would get done professionally in a clinic. Store-bought products are usually far less weak in nature in order to be a solution applicable for everyone. Hence, they don’t work as efficiently as professional teeth whitening. At our clinic, we’re able to remove multiple shades of stains and use a concentrated solution specifically designed to tackle your smile. Maintenance is also far easier as you’d have to spend on whole new kits when buying at the store but we can conduct touch ups during your routine checkups.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Do you have any uneven/chipped teeth, uneven enamel or gaps between your teeth? One of the fastest options we have for you is bonding. This process is also the most minimally invasive since the material is just shaped over any irregularities your tooth has and then cured with a bright light! While also being more affordable than dental veneers, it also doesn’t even require any numbing!


Fillers and injectables are known for their ability to reduce fine lines around the mouth, eyes and forehead. This is one of the most common cosmetic practices and it allows you to fully round out your smile by smoothening the skin around your mouth. This procedure definitely adds to the overall appearance of your smile.

Do you want more information on your cosmetic options? Simply call our team at SDG, we’re ready to answer any questions you have!