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Smile Makeover with Our Dental Experts!

Our complete smile makeover will restore your confidence and change your life!

What do we offer?

Each smile is unique. SDG offers a wide range of dental treatments that are carefully chosen according to your own smile to give you the complete solution you’re looking for. We offer:
• Teeth Whitening  • Dental Implants  • Veneers  • Dental Crown & Bridge  • Orthodontics  • Gum Recontouring  • Dental Bonding and More!

SDG dental

What can you expect during your smile makeover?

Step 1: Consultation

During your consultation, you should bring forward any ideas you have for your dream smile. You can also do your own research and bring pictures of what you hope to achieve. This session will allow us to determine your oral health and what type of suitable smile makeover. After this, we will clearly outline your treatment options and show examples of completed successful cases.

Step 2: Preview

During this step, you carefully choose out your ideal treatment options based on your goals, facial shape and characteristics. Our experienced dentists will guide you so you can make an informed decision. Using our advanced technology, you will also be able to preview and trial your new smile before you commit.

Step 3: Transform your smile!

Schedule in your treatment and allow us to transform your smile!

Do you qualify for a smile makeover?

The great news is that most of your dental problems like chipped, irregularly shaped, missing or discolored teeth can easily be solved with various cosmetic procedures, making a smile makeover your best option for addressing all these aesthetic issues in one go! Our experienced dentists will also know just what recommendations to make to ensure you have a healthy smile too! Whether you meet the criteria for an ideal candidate will depend on a full examination that assesses the current condition of your mouth. If you have any oral health problems (gum disease, for example), they will have to be taken care of first.

How much will your smile makeover cost?

A smile makeover involves a range of different dental procedures depending on your specific needs. Our range differs from individual to individual based on the treatments you decide on and their complexity. After our initial consultation we’ll be able to give you a proper cost plan to work with but feel free to call us for any other inquiries! Likewise,
the length of your treatment can be calculated after your consultation too.

Will you need follow-up treatments of after-care?

At SDG, you can count on our dentists to go into detail about each procedure including the after-care needed. Most procedures will need proper maintenance routines or follow-up treatments that will definitely improve the longevity of your results.

SDG dental
SDG dental

Why Choose SDG for your smile makeover?

Tailored to your Dental Needs

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution! At SDG, we work hard to ensure we design a smile makeover that meets your specific needs!

High Quality Dental Care & Comfort

We use decades of dental experience to give you the best dental care at SDG. We provide a relaxing environment so you can be sure of a stress-free experience!

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To Restore Your Smile, Call Our Team
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To Restore Your Smile, Call Our Team
Crowns at Studfield Dental
03 - 9887 - 0888
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