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Sleep Dentistry

 Sedation dentistry at Studfield Dental

Sleep Dentistry | what is sedation dentistry all about?

The highly experienced mobile certified anaesthetic company Advanced Dental Anaesthesia Soultions (ADAS) comes to Studfield Dental Group to perform the sedation and ensures that your entire treatment is fully monitored until you are completely recovered.

The basics of sedation dentistry are simple: you are sedated to a certain degree while your treatment is performed by us. After your procedure is over, you come back to full consciousness and realize you never had to face the fear, pain or anxiety you felt while sitting in the dental chair.

To be more specific, it involves the use of pharmacological agents or drugs known as sedatives which act by exerting a depressive effect on your central nervous system, in those areas typically concerned with controlling conscious awareness.

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Sleep Dentistry | The Levels of Sedation

Various levels of sedation can be achieved according to the needs of our patients, such as minimal, moderate and deep sedation. These represent the levels of consciousness of the patient under sedation, which corresponds to the degree of central nervous depression achieved by the sedatives.

Under minimal sedation, you are still conscious and responsive to your surroundings, with less anxiety. Moderate sedation relaxes you further, but a larger stimulus is needed to trigger your response. It is only under deep sedation that you are completely unaware of your surroundings and do not respond to any external stimulus.

Sleep Dentistry | types of Dental Sedation at Studfield Dental

There are different types of sleep dentistry methods that may be used, according to what level of sedation you need.

Inhalation Sedation

This form of sedation involves providing Nitrous Oxide gas, also known as ‘’laughing gas’’ or ‘‘happy gas’’. It allows slight analgesic effects and you are not completely unconscious while under. It gives a feeling of light-headedness and reduces anxiety.

Oral Sedation

Sedatives are given orally in liquid form, normally a few hours before the dental procedure is scheduled to take place. This too is very simple, depending on the treatment it is a preferred sedation for children, though it does have a slightly longer recovery time.

Intra-Venous (IV) Sedation

The sedative drugs are given directly by an IV line, into your blood stream. This is most effective and the quickest form of sedation that can be given to anyone who has to undergo a major dental procedure, and is preferred for lengthy, complicated cases such as extractions of all four wisdom teeth, complete mouth rehabilitation and other complex dental surgeries. Patients are completely unconscious with no awareness of time and place, and feel absolutely no pain.

SDG dental
SDG dental

Sleep Dentistry | Are you a candidate for Sedation dentistry?

Sedation is meant to ease your dental anxiety and to help those who absolutely cannot be treated by the dentist without it. It is beneficial for both, the patient and the dentist, as it makes things a lot simpler for us to treat an extremely dental phobic patient while they experience a pain-free and anxiety-free procedure.
Those with the following are good candidates for sedation dentistry:

  • Dental phobia or dental anxiety or general anxiety
  • To make a long dental procedure more comfortable
  • Patients who are extremely nervous
  • Physically & intellectually impaired
  • Patients with a strong gag-reflex
  • Extensive oral surgery such as full mouth reconstruction, multiple implants or all wisdom teeth extracted at once
  • Patients who wish to have all their dental treatment done in a single visit and don’t want to be aware of the procedures.

At Studfield Dental, all we want is to be able to provide you with the best dental treatment options we have to offer, through sedation or not, so that your smile and dental health can be made perfect at our clinic.

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To Restore Your Smile, Call Our Team
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