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Explore Sleep Dentistry

woman having sleep dentistry

Thanks to Wantrina South sleep dentistry options, you can enjoy a calm and relaxing experience during your next dental procedure. At Studfield Dental Group, we incorporate sleep dentistry opportunities into most procedures, so that our patients can schedule fewer appointments and address any anxiety that may be interfering with the treatment they need.

Not all sleep dentistry options are the same. Some use medication that you take by mouth about an hour before the visit, while others are delivered through a tiny IV line in your hand or arm. Each helps you feel drowsy so that you don’t remember much of anything (thanks to the amnesic affects). However, you’ll still be slightly awake enough to communicate with us during the visit.

If you prefer something lighter, why not ask about laughing gas (nitrous oxide) as an alternative? This mixture of air helps you feel light-hearted and less sensitive to stimuli. Plus, it works quickly and is fully reversible within a few minutes of us turning it off. It’s safe for all ages.

Avoiding your dental procedure because of fear or anxiety will only give the problem a chance to get worse. At that point, it becomes more challenging to repair and expensive to treat. Our Wantrina South dentists can reduce the extent of care you need thanks to early diagnosis and incorporating sleep dentistry.

If you’re curious about the types of sleep dentistry that we offer and want to know which one is right for you, we invite you to schedule an exam and consultation with our experienced dentists. We’re even open on weekends (both Saturday and Sunday) so that you don’t have to take off extra time from work. Call Studfield Dental Group today to learn more about how we can make your experience a positive one!