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Emergency dentistry

Treat dental emergencies at Studfield Dental

Dental Emergency | Emergency Dentistry at Studfield Dental Group

Dental emergencies can be many, of various natures, from dental infections to extreme swellings associated with fever, to dislodged fillings causing major sensitivity and many more.

If you have any of the following dental emergencies, we advise that you come and see us right away:

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Dental pain

We can broadly categorize a tooth ache into two different sources of pain, those caused by the dental nerve or pulp, known as odontogenic pain, and those that arise in the gum or bone surrounding teeth, called peri-radicular pain.

Odontogenic or tooth pain could be both, acute or chronic in nature. The dental nerve is infected and causes severe pain in acute conditions and sometimes swells up from within, causing severe pulpitis and creates an abscess full of pus, which is quite painful with the pressure build up.

Chronic pulpitis is less painful but can get acutely exacerbated leading to pus drainage, and in both conditions, you need to see a dental professional as soon as possible due to the extreme nature of the pain.

We would find the source of pain and relieve the pressure from the pus accumulation, while treating the source of infection and medicating you.

Peri-radicular pain is an infection in the tissues supporting your teeth such as the gum and bones, so can infect the tooth and cause severe pain upon biting or pressure, sometimes forming pus as well and mimicking dental pain.

Dental Trauma

If your tooth has chipped, cracked or completely been dislodged from the mouth, this is considered dental trauma and requires immediate attention. Chipped teeth can cause severe sensitivity whereas cracked or broken teeth could cause the nerve to get exposed and also cause severe pain along with infection of the nerve within.

Sometimes accidental falls or impact injury can cause your whole tooth be impacted and become loose within its socket or completely fall out. In such a situation, always gently pick up your tooth and place it in either milk, normal saline or even better, within the mouth soaked in your own saliva to protect the fibers on your tooth’s root. Within the hour, make it to us at Studfield Dental and we’ll able to re-position the tooth back into its socket and splint it immediately. The sooner action is taken, the better the chances of saving your teeth!

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Dental Emergency | Emergency dentistry at Studfield Dental Group

Dislodged restorations, such as Fillings, Crowns and Veneers

A broken filling can be rather uncomfortable, as that means a large portion of your tooth is now hollow and easy access for cold or hot beverages to cause sensitivity and pain along with food impaction. Dental fillings are meant to restore your tooth structure and protect the underlying nerve, so a dislodged filling would mean that protective cover is now gone and the tooth may hurt moderately to severely.

Similarly, sometimes dental crowns are placed over teeth which have large fillings, to protect the remaining tooth from breakage. So when a crown falls off, or even a veneer, the trimmed tooth surface becomes exposed and can become extremely sensitive and painful.

Acute oral infections

Diffused swellings spreading across the soft tissues of your face and jaw is known is cellulitis, and can also be associated with fever. These could be caused by a sudden infection spreading from the gum or tooth, and requires immediate medication.

If the tooth causing the cellulitis has an active infection with abscess formation, our emergency team at Studfield Dental would need to open the tooth or swollen tissue inside the mouth and allow the pus to drain to relieve the pressure from within. This is usually very helpful and you will feel relief quite immediately after the incision and drainage has been done.

A rather life-threatening condition known as Ludwig’s Angina can occur if you have a dental infection from an impacted wisdom tooth or a tooth with a large cavity. This swelling is specifically located at the base of your mouth and can swell to the point of blocking your airway. It is absolutely crucial that you come see us immediately so that incision and drainage is performed to relieve that swelling and quite literally, save your life!

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SDG dental
SDG dental

Dental Emergency | Emergency dentistry at Studfield Dental Group


This is condition caused by infection and swelling of the tissues surrounding erupting teeth, usually the wisdom teeth, and is rather painful since you may have difficulty chewing, speaking or even swallowing fluids, and can cause trismus (difficulty in opening the jaws). In extreme or untreated cases, fever and malaise can also occur. You would need to start medication immediately and we would need to wash out and treat the infected area to allow it to heal, before actually removing the causative wisdom tooth.

Post-extraction Dry Socket

After an extraction of a tooth, usually wisdom teeth, a highly painful condition called dry socket could occur if your blood wasn’t

allowed to clot effectively after the surgery or if there was too much bleeding or hemorrhage after the extraction surgery. In either case, dry socket is not relieved by OTC medications and needs to be relieved specifically by our dental medication.

The above mentioned conditions are only some of many dental emergencies you could face, including broken orthodontic appliances, implant fixtures, dentures or in the worst case scenario if you were to accidentally choke on a broken fragment of a dental appliance.

Please do not hesitate or wait to visit a dentist, just rush over to us at Studfield Dental Group and let our team of experienced, emergency dentists take care of you! Your life and your health are our top priorities!

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