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Dental Crowns

Prosthetic Crowns at Studfield Dental Group

Do I need a Dental Crown? | Dental Crowns at Studfield Dental

You are a candidate for dental crowns if you for any of the reasons below, need to replace or restore your tooth or multiple teeth:

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      • Cracked, broken or fractured teeth:

        If your teeth have been damaged due to breakage, custom-made crowns can help to protect from further damage, while restoring their function and aesthetics.

      • Missing teeth:

        Missing teeth can be replaced by dental implants which are then covered with crowns to completely replace and restore the empty space created by the missing tooth, while also restoring aesthetics and functionality such as speech and chewing.

      • Endodontic treatment:

        If you have had a root canal treatment done, the tooth is essentially void of its vital pulp tissue or nerves and blood vessels responsible for maintaining its innervation to sensation, and provides important minerals to keep it resilient and strong. After root canals, the nerve is removed and filled, and the tooth is then more susceptible to fracture as it becomes brittle. A dental crown is always advised after a root canal to protect the treated tooth from fracture.

      • Tooth decay or large restorations:

        Deep cavities due to dental decay in teeth mean losing a lot of tooth structure, making the natural tooth weaker and again, more likely to fracture. Large fillings or restorations leave the walls of the tooth around the filling thin and fragile, so placing a dental crown above can help to maintain and protect the vitality of the tooth and strengthen it.

      • Cosmetic requirements:

        If your tooth has become discolored or is damaged aesthetically due to dental decay, anti-biotic therapy or even genetics, where no other option can improve its appearance yet keep the tooth strong, a dental crown can be used to cover and enhance the smile altogether, since they are custom made to your desired shape, size and color.

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Types of Dental Crowns | Crowns at Studfield Dental

There are different materials we can use to make your dental crown, to bring about the best results customized for your individual case.

All Ceramic or Porcelain crowns

Purely ceramic or porcelain crowns are made of aluminous porcelain material or pure zirconia or both, which provides superior strength and aesthetics. It has recently become the most favored of all types of dental prosthesis, as it has the benefits of good strength and the most natural resemblance to the enamel of your teeth, looking like your very own tooth. These too require about 1mm deduction circumferentially and 1.5mm occlusally of your tooth structure to be removed, as they can become brittle in thinner or unsupported areas.

With the perfect thickness and resemblance to your own teeth, a zirconia crown completely restores your bite and your smile, and can be used in both front and posterior teeth, being perfectly functional and aesthetic at the same time.

We at Studfield Dental love restoring smiles with zirconia crowns and veneers, as the aesthetics are just always fabulous and all our patients leave smiling, happier than ever!

Come on over for a dental check-up if you need to improve your smile, be able to chew into your favorite foods without worrying and look great while enjoying a fun night out with friends! We want to help bring back the quality to your life!

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SDG dental

Full metal crowns

These are made completely of metal, usually with palladium, cobalt and nickel, and are usually chosen for the most posterior teeth which don’t show much when you smile or speak as they are fully metal colored. They are quite conservative and don’t require much cutting of your tooth to be fabricated, usually just 0.5mm in thickness. Their main purpose is to bring back the functionality of your tooth that you use for chewing and at the same time, help to restore its resilience to fracture if your tooth has been severely compromised.

Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM)

Not preferred option any longer but still has a place in dentistry. These crowns have a metal base and a porcelain cover, combining

the benefits of both the strength of metal and the aesthetics of porcelain. Since porcelain can be custom shaded, it provides as an excellent option for those who need an aesthetic replacement for a missing tooth. They do require a slightly thicker layer of the tooth to be removed so as to fit into your bite and are usually around 1.5mm in thickness, and has a slightly more ‘opaque’ look to it as compared to your tooth due to the metal base beneath.

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