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Correct and Align with Adult Orthodontics


New research shows that over a third¹ of Australians are not happy with their teeth and that over 62%¹ of Australian adults would consider orthodontic treatment. Corrective orthodontics offers patients an ever-evolving, innovative selection of treatment options. Developed to correct the crowding of teeth, spacing and the malalignment of both teeth and jaws. Adult orthodontics, form an integral part of a comprehensive, fully customised dental plan.

Whilst orthodontics is closely associated with early childhood and adolescence, there are various reasonings for orthodontic treatment as we age. From wisdom tooth eruption and edentulism to the misalignment of the jaw and cosmetic predilections – our range of industry-supported orthodontic treatments are an unobtrusive avenue to a healthy, functional and aesthetically superior smile.

Did you know that orthodontic appliances have been found amongst Greek and Etruscan artefacts? Or that the more traditional steel brace was first introduced into the field of modern dentistry in 1927? Clear ceramic and porcelain brackets were brought to market in the 1970s while the onset of the clear aligner was first introduced in the late nineties.

From invasive and uncomfortable elastics and springs, contemporary orthodontic solutions are now minimalistic, non-invasive with a focus on the gentle manipulation of the teeth and jaw in a subtle yet effective way.

Orthodontic Treatment Options

With approximately one in five orthodontic patients being an adult²- orthodontic technologies have been developed to complement your health, your lifestyle and budgetary considerations. They include:

Conventional Braces: consisting of individual brackets and archwires, the traditional stainless steel braces is an effective, yet cumbersome brace that fits to the surface of the tooth. A non-discreet solution it gradually shifts your teeth into the desired position.

Damon System Braces: discreet, comfortable with a greater emphasis on hygiene, the Damon System Brace consists of self-ligating braces that remove the need for elastic or metal ties. Developed to align teeth and support the aesthetic, teeth are gently corrected via light biologically sensible forces.

STb Social 6 (Lingual Braces): the revolutionary hidden orthodontic brace, the STb Social 6 is perfectly suited to the correction of minor crowding and spacing issues. Placed on the inner side of the front six teeth they feature self-litigating technology that prevents friction between brackets and the tongue.This can be extended to include all lingual surfaces for a total lingual arch bracing.

Invisalign/Clear Correct: a near invisible, clear aligner, with an emphasis on the hygienic, the Invisalign/Clear Correct systems consists of a series of customised easily removable aligners that incrementally shift your teeth into optimal positioning. A non-intrusive orthodontic solution ideal for teeth that have erupted from the gum line, mild crowding and minimal underbites, overbites and crossbites.

Patient expectations must be assessed prior to any aligner therapy and this can be done by a digital model work up prior to any treatment commenced. This is shown to the patient 2-3 weeks after the initial consult and shows the end result and expectations of treatment before commencing. This allows both the patient and clinician to make an informed decision to what is best suitable form of treatment.

Learn More About Invisalign/Clear Correct

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