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Child Dentistry

 Does your child need dental care?

Child Dentistry | Does your child need dental care?

If a child suffers from dental disease, treatment for the same is absolutely necessary in the form of a cleaning, fillings or even a root canal. It is advised that you start your child’s dental care at an early age and make regular visits to the dentist to detect any possible areas of decay or infection.

We at Studfield Dental Group have an excellent team of dentists specialized in treating children. Not only are they friendly and approachable for young children, they will ensure your child leaves happy, smiling and feeling cared for by their dentist, excited for their next visit!

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Child Dental Care | How to manage infant oral hygiene

Dental care should begin as early as possible. You may begin with wiping your child’s teeth with a soft cloth or a baby tooth brush. As they grow, teaching them to brush their teeth after age 2 using a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste and helping them do so as a fun activity truly helps them develop this healthy habit.

A dental check-up between the age of 1 and 2 years is a good way to begin professional dental care for your child, ensuring their teeth develop healthy and clean. The dentist can also predict the likelihood of any future developmental anomalies, so prevention is essential.

Taking your child for regular dental check-ups and rewarding them after each visit is an excellent way to help them grow confidents and even get excited about visiting the dentist, greatly helping them eliminate the future possibility of dental anxiety which usually occurs due to an event with the dentist at an early age.

To further aid in maintaining your child’s oral hygiene, avoid giving them sweet snacks and juices in between meals, replace these with fruits and vegetables to aid in their teeth’s physical cleaning and also keeping their vitamins intact.

Child dentistry | Dental treatments for children at Studfield Dental

When a child requires dental care, there are a range of treatments that can be carried out. At SDG, we provide a wide variety of dental care for your child’s dental needs:

  • Dental cleaning
  • Care for anxious/ fearful children
  • Dental trauma management
  • Fissure and pit sealants
  • Dental fillings
  • Tooth extraction
  • Interceptive orthodontics
  • Endodontic (root canal) treatment for children
  • Management of developmental anomalies/ conditions
  • Treatment under sedation (if needed)
SDG dental
SDG dental

Child Dental Benefit Scheme | CBDS at Studfield Dental

As can be understood, dental care is expensive and many parents neglect their child’s dental health needs due to the expenses incurred, assuming their primary teeth will be shed anyway and the permanent ones will replace them. This concept is harmful for the children who can then suffer from major dental disease which may go untreated, and cause further damage to the developing permanent teeth below.

Not all dental practices offer the Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS), which aims to help fund children’s dental health needs between the ages of 2-17 years, but we at Studfield Dental Group are proud providers of the CDBS. Over 3 million children are aided financially via the Child Dental Benefit Scheme through the Australian Government Medicare every year.
Medicare provides up to $1,000 to eligible children over two calendar years, covering various dental treatments. Eligible families already receive some form of financial aid, such as the Family Tax Benefit A payments.

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