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4 Dental Symptoms of Sleep Apnoea

Think you have sleep apnoea? There are several common symptoms of obstructive sleep apnoea that you can watch out for. But did you know that some of them even affect your oral health? Here are some of the most noticeable dental symptoms you’ll experience if you have oral sleep apnoea. Flattened Teeth One of the main signs of a sleeping disorder is teeth that are flattened and worn out. Run your tongue along your teeth- if the edges feel sharp, you most likely have worn down teeth. This happens because an obstructive sleep disorder deprives you of enough oxygen. One … Continue reading

Dental Implants Feel Loose? Here’s Why!

You know your dental implants are supposed to be permanent so when it starts feeling loose, you’re naturally bound to feel worried. Firstly, we’d recommend scheduling an appointment at SDG for an evaluation of the matter. But here are a few common reasons as to why your dental implant may be feeling loose. Loose Abutment This is a connecting attachment fixed on the hollow area at the top of your implant. The abutment usually sticks out of the gum while your crown is cemented on top. If your abutment starts to unthread from the implant, this could explain why it … Continue reading

Top 3 Easy Dental Cosmetic Treatments to Consider!

Are you still on the fence about opting for a full smile makeover? This can cover various aspects of your teeth and often requires different solutions. At SDG we understand, however, that sometimes you want to test the waters before diving in completely. That’s why we’ve put together the 3 most simple and affordable cosmetic treatments that will allow you to boost your smile in the quickest time possible! Here’s our top 3 Dental Cosmetic Treatments worth considering: Teeth Whitening You might have wondered if over-the-counter whitening kits are as efficient as what you would get done professionally in a … Continue reading

How to Manage TMJ Pain

TMJ disorder occurs as a result of damage to the temporomandibular joint leading to problems with the jaw and surrounding facial muscles. There are a few treatments and solutions our team at Studfield Dental Group can offer you: A Bite Splint You’re unconsciously likely to put additional strain on your TMJ throughout the day. As much as you may try to stop actions such as chewing, your muscle memory is at play here and will keep repeating the process unless you train the jaw to not engage. You can do this by wearing a bite splint. A protective bite splint … Continue reading

How to Take Care of Your Child’s Smile

While getting your child used to a regular checkup with the dentist is important, you’ll obviously want to avoid any serious trips to the dentist or dental complications when your child is just a few years old. Such complications are often entirely avoidable so your child doesn’t have to endure any anxiety and intensive dental work if you follow the right steps to taking care of their oral health! Here’s what you need to keep in mind: Floss daily Cavities are most prone to forming between teeth- this is why flossing daily is so important. Some children have plenty of … Continue reading

Teeth Straightening for Adults: Does It Apply?

Do you have crooked teeth and think your age is preventing you from taking steps to straighten it? We have plenty of adult orthodontic patients at SDG that have had their teeth straightened with no issues whatsoever! There is no age limit to getting that perfect smile makeover! Increase your confidence! Having a misaligned smile and crooked teeth can greatly affect your confidence in your appearance. Any blow to your confidence can affect how you speak and how you smile in situations- and a great smile is definitely known to be one of the best first impressions! If your crooked … Continue reading

Time to Replace Your Tooth?

Woman at dentist

If you’ve been having particular issues with your tooth or it’s recently suffered an injury, you’re probably wondering if it’s necessary to have your tooth extracted and replaced. Preserving your tooth for as long as possible is (of course) a priority! But having your tooth replaced isn’t as scary as it seems! There are some instances where you’ll want to consider a replacement- here are some of them: Severely damaged teeth If you have a severely decayed or damaged tooth, you don’t want to waste your time and money opting for a filling or crown that will inevitably not work … Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know About Your Wisdom Teeth

When exactly can you expect your wisdom teeth to come in? These final set of molars usually erupt during your mid-teen years or can even take as long as your late twenties to make an appearance! They’re known for being quite painful, being the main reason why people have them removed.Here’s all you need to know about your wisdom teeth! How to manage the discomfort The pain or discomfort you feel is due to the pressure and inflammation that the wisdom tooth causes. It may start with the feeling of soreness that varies with intensity over the course of the … Continue reading

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Delay Your Dental Treatment

Patient receiving dental treatment

Is your dental treatment giving you anxiety? Dental appointments can often make both children and adults feel uneasy but we’re here to alleviate that! A dental appointment can be a pleasant experience and can fly by without you feeling it! If you avoid it for months, however, this can lead to the following: Serious infections If you delay your appointment, this could lead to your infection worsening. A severe infection is not only painful but can spread to other areas of the body- your throat, for example! This only makes your experience at the dentist uncomfortable and difficult to treat. … Continue reading

What is Gum Recession?

Ever noticed your gum tissue starting to recede and it also exposes more of your tooth? This is called gum recession- it not only increases your sensitivity but makes you feel far more self conscious of your smile. It’s actually quite a common dental issue but it has to be addressed ASAP to prevent the situation from worsening. What causes the increased sensitivity? Gum recession tends to expose the roots of your tooth. The root is rather susceptible to changes in temperature and an exposed root can be quite painful to deal with. The main question- what causes it? It … Continue reading