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How We Treat Cracked Teeth

Suspect you have a cracked tooth? Our expert dentists at Studfield Dental Group have extensive experience diagnosing and treating cracked teeth. Wondering how we can help? We have various treatments available for cracked teeth, depending on the location and severity of the crack: Bonding / Filling Surface cracks can be noticeable in the mirror and pick up stains easily due to the chipped enamel but they rarely cause any structural damage. These small cracks are aesthetic concerns that can be easily bonded or filled over. Dental Crowns More severe cracks that can’t be filled over need a sturdier dental treatment. … Continue reading

Do you need gum recontouring?

A beautiful, healthy smile doesn’t just depend on the state of your teeth. Your gums too can make a big impact! Your gums essentially frame your smile so an irregular shape or contour can lead to a lopsided smile or teeth that look short. Gum recontouring helps adjust your gumlines to reveal a fuller, healthier looking smile. Results in just one session! During your appointment for gum recontouring a new margin will be drawn to ensure your gumline evenly spreads from one tooth to the next. Your gumlines will still take on that scalloped contour around each tooth but in … Continue reading

After-Care Tips For Your Wisdom Tooth Removal

Once you’ve had your wisdom teeth removed, a blood clot will form over the surgical site. It’s very important that this clot stays in place or you will endure what is called a very painful “dry socket”. To avoid this, we recommend following these instructions to the best of your ability! Changing the gauze This is a step we’ll show you before you leave our Practice as well. After the extraction, gauze will be placed over the site. For as long as the bleeding continues, the gauze will have to be changed out. The key to doing this is wetting … Continue reading

What To Do If You Chip A Tooth

Man with chipped tooth

Whether you got into an accident or bit down too hard on something, if you chipped a tooth, you’ll need to know how to react fast. At Studfield Dental Group, we can help you with any dental emergency with ease, but here are some important steps you need to follow before reaching our practice: Stop the bleeding Oral injuries can cause quite a bit of bleeding. You first step will be to stop the bleeding by applying pressure. You can do this by applying a clean washcloth to the area. If the bleeding doesn’t stop we recommend giving our emergency … Continue reading

Invisalign or Braces: Which is Best For You?

Orthodontic treatment works great for adults too! If you want to get a beautiful straight smile, there’s nothing stopping you. If you’re considering the investment, you’re probably wondering which option is best for you: Invisalign or Braces? Each have their own advantages, here’s what you need to know to make your decision: Traditional Braces Traditional braces work best to fix mild to severe orthodontic misalignment. They are generally a very predictable treatment guaranteed to give results over a period of time. If you have teeth that need a significant amount of movement, this is your best bet. Traditional braces are … Continue reading

Do You Need Tooth Recontouring?

Looking at minimally invasive cosmetic dental treatments to improve your smile? Tooth recontouring might be the ideal treatment for your smile makeover. What is tooth recontouring? Tooth recontouring is a process that focuses on the edges of your teeth. Take a look at your smile. Does it look uneven and irregular? Tooth recontouring can be used to smoothen out your smile and make it look aligned from one side to the other. If you’ve suffered any damage to your teeth, have irregular teeth or your enamel is chipped and shows signs of wear and tear, this treatment will prove quite … Continue reading

4 Types of Dental Mouthguards

You don’t just protect your teeth by brushing and flossing regularly. Sometimes a few extra protective measures need to be taken to safeguard your smile. Mouthguards, in particular, provide great protection if your teeth need covering. The type of mouthguard you need depends on what you need to protect against however. Here’s what you need to know: Bite Splints Teeth clenching & grinding (also known as Bruxism) can give way to many painful side effects like headaches, chipped teeth, soreness, TMJ problems and more. An easy solution to curb your teeth grinding habit is to wear a bite splint. This … Continue reading

What Your Toothache Says About Your Dental Health

You’ve probably experienced your fair share of toothaches, and if not, you’re quite lucky! But did you know that the type of toothache you have can also tell you what treatment you’re most likely to need? Here are some of the common toothaches we’ve handled at our practice and what it says about your dental health. Sharp Pain A sudden, sharp pain could be an indication of a cavity forming. We recommend scheduling an appointment ASAP at SDG to stop the decay before it spreads into a painful abscess. It’s important to remember that not all cavities may hurt, so … Continue reading

Veneers or Bonding: Which is Best For You?

Unhappy with your smile? No one should have to feel self-conscious about how they smile, laugh or talk when around others. At Studfield Dental Group, we can offer you a way to drastically change the way your teeth look! Dental veneers and cosmetic bonding are common options when it comes to fixing aesthetic flaws. Which one is best for you, however? Here’s a small guide to help you decide: Bonding The quick and affordable option, bonding is the ideal solution for teeth with small aesthetic flaws such as a chip, an uneven edge or a small gap etc. This treatment … Continue reading

3 Risks of a Crooked Bite to Watch Out For!

Did you know crooked teeth don’t just give you a misaligned smile but put you at more risk of a number of health problems? This is why we strongly recommend considering orthodontic treatment for a crooked bite with no time to waste. Here are three common dental issues you’re likely to face with crooked teeth: Gum Disease Crooked teeth put you at an increased risk of gum disease. Gum disease is usually caused by a buildup of plaque on your teeth. Having crooked teeth usually makes it harder to be thorough when brushing your teeth, causing more tartar to form … Continue reading