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How Braces Boost Your Oral Health

woman with braces

Many patients see braces as something that will only improve the appearance of their smile.  This can in fact affect your self-confidence, but braces also have other benefits that many aren’t aware of. Misaligned teeth can cause functional issues too, which can be improved by braces.  The professionals at Studfield Dental Group in Wantrina South can help you decide if braces are a good option for your smile’s future. Cleanliness If you have crooked or crowded teeth, it is likely that they are more difficult to clean.  Straightening your bite with braces will ensure that you can effectively brush and … Continue reading

Top 5 Side-Effects of Teeth Grinding

woman wearing night guard for teeth grinding

The dental term used to describe teeth grinding and clenching is “bruxism.”  This is a condition that many of patients suffer from, and can be caused by stress. You may even be doing it at night in your sleep and aren’t aware of it, or it could be a daytime habit that you’re trying to break. Bruxism has many side effects that can damage your smile and existing dental work.  Coming in for regular checkups will help the professionals at Studfield Dental Group in Wantrina South stay abreast of any signs of bruxism, so that you can intervene straightaway.   … Continue reading

Crowns vs. Dental Veneers: What You Need to Know

difference of crowns and veneers

The team at Studfield Dental Group in Wantrina South understands that going to the dentist can be quite frustrating for some people.  Especially when you don’t understand the terminology used to describe your treatment. A couple of common procedures performed in dentistry are crowns and veneers.  You may have heard these terms used interchangeably.  While there are some similarities, they also have their differences. What Caps and Veneers Have in Common Both veneers and crowns are fabricated covers that fit over your tooth. A custom shading job by the lab technician allows them to be any colour necessary.  They are … Continue reading

Why Do I Need an Oral Cancer Screening?

man at dentist for oral cancer check

Part of every dental checkup includes an oral cancer screening.  During this exam, our dentist will inspect your soft tissues for suspicious lesions and pathology.  Some of the areas we look at include the lips and tongue, along with the roof and floor of the mouth and your throat. If you’ve noticed areas of concern – such as sores that don’t heal or spots that appear atypical – and would like to have an oral cancer screening, talk with our dentist about it.  If we see something suspicious, we may perform a biopsy and send it to lab to be … Continue reading

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Candidate for implants

Replacing your missing teeth has never been so successful than it is with the modern dental implant. Studfield Dental Group offers comprehensive implant treatment in Wantrina South. The catch? You need to be a candidate for treatment! Your Current Oral Health Status  We choose to place implants in mouths that are healthy and stable, to prevent infection and failure of the prosthesis. If diseased teeth need to be removed, we will want you to have adequate healing time to minimize the risk of infection. Or if adjacent teeth are affected by gingivitis and gum disease, we may choose to address … Continue reading

Symptoms of Periodontal Disease

Woman with gum disease before and after

Gum disease is a broadly used term that describes infection in the gingiva (gums) around your teeth. Mild cases start out as gingivitis, but if the inflammation and bacterial levels aren’t addressed, it can bridge into moderate to severe periodontal disease (periodontitis.) Why does any of this matter? Because periodontitis is the #1 cause of adult tooth loss. Know the Signs The best way to prevent gum disease and stop it early is to know what symptoms to look for. In general, gingivitis will start to cause complications such as: • Mild swelling • Possible redness along the gumlines • … Continue reading

Do I Need a Crown?

man with dental crown

It’s time for your next dental checkup, but it’s been years since you saw a dentist last. You’re starting to suspect that one of your teeth needs a filling or some other type of treatment; after all, it feels a little funny when you bite down and chew on it. To your surprise, you learn that you don’t need a filling at all…but rather a full coverage dental crown. How can this be, especially since there’s nothing visibly wrong with your tooth and you’re not in pain? Looking Inside of the Tooth Thanks to digital X-rays, our Studfield dentists can … Continue reading

Planning a Smile Makeover

Woman after smile makeover

When you feel embarrassed about the way your teeth look, it can affect your self-confidence and even your social life. Investing in yourself to make improvements in your smile may help you feel more relaxed when you’re smiling or laughing around other people.   Even if your teeth are very healthy, there are several things you can do to boost their appearance.   Talking to Your Dentist about What You Want to Change The first step to any smile makeover is talking to your dentist about your teeth. What do you like or not like about them? Are there specific … Continue reading

Five Signs You Might Have a Cavity

man with a tooth cavity

You felt something funny inside of your mouth…could it be tooth decay? Although not every cavity causes pain or obvious symptoms, there are some things that definitely indicate a problem is occurring. Before you pick up the phone to call our Wantrina South dentists, ask yourself if you’ve been experiencing any of the following: Feeling a Rough or Sharp Edge Run your tongue across your teeth. Do you notice a jagged or sharp area that irritates your tongue? Is this area unlike any others inside of your mouth? It could be structural damage to one of your teeth.   Something … Continue reading

Should You be Wearing a Bite Splint?

person holding a bite splint

Bite splints, mouth guards, night guards, or protective dental appliances: should you be wearing one? We’re not talking about an athletic mouthguard that you see on football or lacrosse players. What our Watrina South dentists mean by a protective bite splint is one that you wear when you’re sleeping or clenching your teeth during the day. Here’s why: Protect Your Investments  Have you recently acquired new dental work? Maybe porcelain veneers, an implant crown, or other restorative work. Do you want your investment to last? Being too rough on your teeth can cause abrasion making porcelain to chip away. Wearing … Continue reading