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Implant Supported Bridge vs. Partials

Woman smiling with dentures

When you need to replace a missing tooth, it’s nice to have different options available to choose from. But sometimes even if you know both choices are good ones, it can be hard to pin down the one that’s best for you individually. Removable partial dentures and implant supported bridges are two good examples. Both are useful for replacing several teeth at once, yet, each has added advantages over the other that are worth considering.  Benefits of Implant Bridges Using a pair of dental implants, a fixed (permanent) bridge can be securely attached into place, making it so that you … Continue reading

Four Tips to Help Your Child with Their Braces

Two children smiling

Is your child getting braces? Here are a few ways to make the process easier on everyone: 1.Make Mealtime and Snacking Easy for Them Eating with braces is one of the biggest changes that our Wantrina South patients have to adjust to. In the beginning, choose softer foods that are easier to chew, especially since their mouth may be sore early on. As firmer foods become easier to chew, be sure to have them cut up into small enough pieces or cook them so that they don’t interfere with the orthodontic appliances. For example, cut corn off of the cob … Continue reading

How Long do Fillings Last?

woman having a filling done

Did you recently learn that you need to have one of your existing dental fillings changed out with a new one? Are you starting to see a dark colour or experience sensitivity around a filling that’s never given you problems before? It’s common for dental fillings to eventually need to be replaced, but our Wantrina South dentists want you to get as much use out of them as possible. How long can you expect a new filling to last? Here are a few factors that you’ll need to consider:    Your Oral Health Habits If you’re not that great about … Continue reading

Oral Cancer Warning Signs

A silent and extremely deadly disease, oral cancer affects people of all ages and backgrounds, including healthy individuals that might not otherwise have significant medical concerns. Of course, risk factors can increase your chance of developing oral cancer, such as tobacco use, sun exposure, certain viruses (like HPV) and alcohol. The best way to combat oral cancer is through early diagnosis. By conducting an oral cancer screening as part of every dental exam we perform in Wantrina South, we know that Studfield Dental Group is doing everything possible to potentially save the lives of our patients. Symptoms of Oral Cancer … Continue reading

Do Your Gums Bleed When You Brush Your Teeth?

woman with bleeding gums brushing teeth

Bleeding gums while brushing or flossing isn’t normal!  It’s an issue that needs to be addressed straightaway, and the professionals at Studfield Dental Group in Wantrina South can help! Why Do Gums Bleed?  Plaque contains germs that compromise the health of our gums. When not properly removed, the plaque causes our gums to become irritated and inflamed, leading them to bleed when manipulated. This condition is known as gingivitis. If not cleared up, gingivitis can lead to gum disease, which causes aggressive infection, bone damage, loose teeth and possible tooth loss. What to Do Don’t ignore the signs.  If your … Continue reading

Make a Commitment to Improving Your Oral Care This New Year

woman using a water flosser to clean teeth

If you take an honest evaluation of your dental care routine would you admit it’s lacking a bit?  Most people would, especially when it comes to flossing. Growing up we were told by our parents and  dentists to brush twice a day (best after every meal), and floss daily.  But how many of us really do that? Your oral health could really be suffering from a lack of care without you realizing until it’s become severe.  So, with the upcoming new year and all the resolutions that are being made, why not include a commitment to improving your oral care? … Continue reading

Dental Cavities: What You Need to Know

How to avoid cavities

Dental cavities, also known as tooth decay or dental caries, develop when your tooth enamel (the outermost layer of the tooth) gets eroded by acids. These acids come from the breakdown of sugars in your mouth. If left untreated, the cavity, which looks like a dark hole in your tooth, grows larger and deeper.   This decay can reach the nerve (which is the innermost portion of the tooth) and cause infection.  It may even lead to your tooth breaking off and make it unrestorable.   How to Repair Dental Caries If cavities are caught early enough, then they can … Continue reading

When Root Canal Treatment is Needed

woman having a root canal treatment

The most common reason a person will need to have a root canal is because a cavity has reached the nerve or innermost part of their tooth, causing an infection. An abscess may be visible on the gums, due to the swelling.   The only way to rid a tooth of an infected nerve is by performing a root canal or extracting the tooth.   Signs that You May Need Root Canal Therapy Most of the time if our dentist in Wantrina South tells you that you need a root canal, it isn’t a surprise.  That’s because there are usually … Continue reading

How to Care for Your New Crown

man cleaning his dental crown

You just got a brand-new porcelain dental crown. Before that, you had a large filling or maybe no restoration at all. To help your new investment last as long as possible, our Wantrina South dentists have several suggestions on how to care for your new cap: Floss Daily Many people have a fear that flossing a new crown will cause it to fall off. Not so. The cement that we use to keep your crown in place is very strong. If a crown were to come off while flossing, I would have anyway. Keeping the margin of your cap clean … Continue reading

Why Adults Make Great Orthodontic Patients

Adult man with braces

If you’re considering getting braces or clear aligners to straighten your smile, you may be thinking to yourself, “I’m too old for this” or “people my age never get braces.” Not so! At Studfield Dental Group, our adult orthodontic patients are some of our most successful cases. Here’s why: They’re Committed to Seeing Treatment Through Most people are excited about starting braces, but the novelty can wear off after a few months, making teens or younger patients less energized about following home care recommendations. Adults understand that the payoff is worth it and tend to go above and beyond to … Continue reading