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Dental Implants

Dental Implants at SDG

Why Dental Implants? | Dental implants at Studfield Dental Group

Here are some reasons why dental implants are sometimes a necessary treatment which we take quite seriously at Studfield Dental Group:

SDG dental

Lost teeth mean lost function

You may feel you can’t chew your food as efficiently as you could, after tooth loss. It greatly impairs your ability to chew and digest your food adequately, requiring more effort and becomes a tedious task.

Additional stress on adjacent teeth and masticatory muscles

You may find that you must shift the food to alternate teeth to chew more efficiently, adding stress on the masticatory (chewing) muscles and teeth being used excessively. There becomes a large imbalance in the overall bite if you lose a tooth.

Impaired ability to speak

The teeth help in the pronunciation of important speech sounds and even a single lost tooth can immensely impair that ability, along with affecting your self-confidence and comfort levels while interacting with others. Studies show that those with one or more missing teeth choose to avoid social interactions and extraverted activities, as it has such a large impact on their self-esteem.

Unpleasant esthetics and low self-esteem

We all wish to look good, as looking good always makes one feel good, and if a lost tooth is visible, it can immensely affect your smile’s esthetics and your self-esteem, which could potentially create long term psychological issues if left untreated.

It is our goal to eliminate all of the above, with our expert team here at Studfield Dental Group. We are known for our compassionate approach to dealing with all kinds of patients with all sorts of dental problems, and wish only to treat you to the best of our abilities and restore your smile to what it once was, or create an even better result!

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Dental Implants | How are dental implants placed?

Implants are like small screws made of titanium. This precious metal has the unique ability to attract bone-cells, causing it to integrate or “osseo-integrate” once it has been placed, during the healing process. Once the implant has healed in a few months, it is ready for the prosthesis to be supported, which could either be a crown or multiple crowns fused together known as a bridge, or a denture.

The dental implant surgery is one of extremely precise treatment planning and studying your individual case before the procedure. After your initial consult with us at Studfield Dental Group, we study your 3D model and take CT scans and X-rays of your jaw bone to evaluate the level of remaining bone where the implants are required to be placed.

If necessary, bone grafting and or soft tissue grafting may need to be placed before the actual implant, to improve bone support, provide better stability and long term retention of the crown, bridge or denture to be supported via the future implant.

Bone graft may be used from the donor (the patient) in the form of bone from the site or the patient’s tooth that was removed (tooth bone). This will be mixed with the patient’s own blood using a centrifuge to make the bone more biologically active and quicker is the formation of new bone (osteogenesis). Membranes can also be harvested using patient’s own blood in the formation of CGF and these are used in preference to allografts or xenografts.

The implant essentially serves the purpose of a tooth itself and replaces it independently, without ever damaging or requiring the involvement of the adjacent teeth. It is also a permanent tooth replacement, hence an excellent choice when you are looking to replace your lost teeth in a definite and conservative manner here at Studfield Dental Group.

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SDG dental
SDG dental

Dental implants | what are Dental Implant Benefits?

Apart from being a permanent solution to missing teeth, there are some great benefits of getting your dental implants done at Studfield Dental Group:

Dental implants become part of your body!

Implants permanently integrate within your jaw bone, becoming naturally part of their structure. This allows for complete replacement of your lost tooth’s root while also giving extremely stable support to the dental prosthesis it is meant to hold, such as a crown, bridge or denture.

Implants feel and appear completely natural

As the implant integrates within the bone, you can’t tell you ever lost your tooth and feel as if the implant is one of your own natural teeth! They not only feel but look entirely natural in your mouth after the crown or bridge has been placed. The superior esthetic results to just crowns and bridges alone are what make dental implants the best and most esthetic option for replacing lost teeth!

Dental implants are Conservative

Dental implants require jaw bone to be placed within, thus eliminating the need to root canal treat, cut and use the adjacent teeth as is required for bridges. This makes dental implants the most conservative and long-term option to replace missing teeth.

Efficiently restore your dental esthetics and function

If you have had dental implants placed at Studfield Dental Group, you can smile freely, feel comfortable and chew as well as you could before you lost your tooth- and may not ever remember what it was like to have a missing tooth at all.

Easy to maintain oral hygiene

You can treat your dental implants like you would your natural teeth, hence brushing and flossing is just as simple as always.

Enjoy restored Self-confidence and Self-esteem

Our lovely patients firmly believe that Studfield Dental Group is the best place to have their implant work done- they leave looking and feeling amazing.

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