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Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry: A Guide

A smile makeover doesn’t necessarily have to be such a big investment. There are several cosmetic dentistry treatments that are affordable for all our patients that have a more restricted budget to follow. Here are some options that will easily fit into your long terms goals and give you a straighter, whiter smile.


Cosmetic bonding is a good option for patients who have crooked or discolored teeth. In this process, a composite material made according to the natural shade of your teeth is used and bonded to the front of your tooth in order to cover irregularities. Bonding needs more frequent replacement than veneers, however and can also stain easily so be wary about drinking staining liquids such as wine and coffee regularly.


Happy with the alignment of your teeth but think it could be brighter? Whitening might just do the trick! For the most effective results, we recommend scheduling in-office whitening treatments or you can talk to our dentists for an at-home treatment you can use. Whitening treatments need to be touched up every few months, however and may cause sensitivity depending on individual cases.


Looking for a more permanent solution for your crooked teeth? An orthodontic appliance would be your best bet. Invisalign is a clear plastic aligner that straightens your teeth over time. Some form of retention is also required once you’re done with the Invisalign process. Combine this treatment with whitening for a complete smile makeover.

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