Nearly everywhere we turn today we're confronted with dazzling smiles; the kind of smiles that used to be unique to the stars of the silver screen. As a result, the teeth whitening industry has blossomed, and patients are desperate to uncover the most effective and effecient whitening process; due to dull and unsightly teeth being more noticeable than ever.

It's because we understand the effects poor teeth can have, both emotionally and mentally, that we offer the latest technology combined with proven expertise to bring you that whiter, brighter smile you're looking for!

What's the PMD Dental Care whitening difference?

Philips Zoom 4 – our very popular in chair treatment, the Philips Zoom 4 is the perfect solution for patients whose teeth have been dulled or stained by drinking too many caffeinated drinks, smoking, and/or aging teeth.
Using a carefully formulated hydrogen peroxide gel that's activated by a blue light, the Zoom 4 whitening treatment works in as little as 1 hour, and delivers long lasting results! For that silver screen sparkle, we recommend having your teeth cleaned prior to whitening.

Pola Day – our take home Whitening Gel, and a great alternative to the Zoom 4.
You'll receive a custom made tray and our special whitening gel to apply each night until you achieve your desired results.

Advantages of a whiter, brighter smile

Whatever your reason for wanting a dazzling smile, here are some of the benefits you'll experience following your whitening session:

• Increased confidence – you may even struggle to stop smiling!
• A beautiful, healthy smile instantly makes other people feel better and more attracted to you
• Healthy teeth contribute to a more youthful appearance
• Your renewed confidence can bring about incredible changes such as new job opportunities, or finally feeling good enough to ask your crush on a date!

PMD Dental Care specialise in tailored treatments to suit everyone, and all treatments offered have been proven to be safe. Book your appointment today and start smiling tomorrow!