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Our team of Dentists boast expertise across various branches of dentistry, including cosmetic dental care and sleep dentistry. Dr. Michael Kotsifakis, the founder of Knox Dental Group and our Primary Dentist has expertise in Implantology, Anaesthetics and Cosmetic Dentistry. He has been practising Dentistry since 1988, continuing to grow his skills in the field for over 25 years. Along with Dr. Kotsifakis, our Dentists regularly attend Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses. We combine decades of experience, state of the art technology and expertise with the latest dental procedures to ensure that you receive quality care.

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Dr Michael Kotsifakis

Implantology, Anaesthetics and Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr Michael Kotsifakis graduated from Melbourne University with his bachelor of Dental Science degree in 1988. Owner and director of Knox Dental Group for 25 years. His interests are in oral surgery and he attends continued educational programs both locally and internationally, (Branemark Centre Perth, UCLA USA, Benn University Switzerland).…
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Dr. Kate Snell

Dr. Kate Snell is a keen dentist who studied at The University of Adelaide, and enjoys practising all aspects of dentistry. She particularly likes getting to know her patients and working with them to improve their oral health. She is also focussed on continuing professional development and regularly attends educational courses and programs. Kate has…
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Dr Siew-Lee Hong

Dr Siew-Lee Hong is an enthusiastic dentist who enjoys practising comprehensive dentistry. Siew- Lee is one of our most senior Dentists Working alongside Dr Michael Kotsifakis at Knox Dental Group for over 10 years. Gentle by nature Dr Siew-Lee Hong loves to work with all types of patients as she "enjoys meeting new people" and…
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