what we do

We can help you with all your dental needs, great or small.

General Dental

Our team at Studfield dental group consists of Oral health therapists and 16 fully qualified Dentist with
Over 10 years’ experience.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is a facet of dentistry that focusses on improving the aesthetic appearance of your smile.

All On Four

The term ‘ALL-ON-4’ refers to the replacement of ALL teeth ON FOUR dental implants. Replacement of your full upper or lower arches with four or more Dental Implants within 48 hours, the team of surgeon, anaesthetist, Prosthesis and laboratory are all in house.

Dental Imaging

It's important for your doctor to have accurate and complete information to plan your treatment. Dental imaging provides that information, with a host of advantages for you and your doctors.


Are your dull, discoloured teeth getting you down? At Studfield Dental Group we offer a variety of treatment options to give you the bright, white smile you’ve been dreaming about!


At Studfield Dental Group we understand how distressing a tooth ache can be and will promptly arrange a time for you to be seen.

Free Orthodontic Consult

Orthodontic braces is a branch of dentistry concerned with correcting teeth positions and improving occlusion (bite) and the appearance of the jaw and facial features.

Sleep Dentistry: The Facts

Sleep dentistry incorporates the use of Nitrous Oxide inhalation as a safe and effective technique to reduce anxiety and produce analgesia (pain relief) for the patient.