All on 4 – The Modern Solution to Total Tooth Replacement


An increasingly popular choice, you’ve probably already heard this advertised on the radio as the “smile in a day” teeth replacement solution!

“All on 4” is a term referring to the replacement of all teeth on four dental implants, and is a modern surgical technique recommended for those who have lost most, or all of their teeth. All on 4 treatments involve precisely placing titanium implants in the mouth which serve as anchors for a full dental bridge – upper or lower. In most cases, these bridges only need to be supported by four dental implants – hence the name. Here at SDG Dental you’ll achieve replacement of your full upper or lower arches within 48 hours, with a team of surgeons and anaesthetist, Prosthesis and Laboratory in house.

All on 4 dental implants offer unprecedented stability and durability, delivering a replacement that functions and feels just like normal teeth. No more worrying about whether your dentures will withstand that bite or crunch! This modern solution uses the titanium anchors (anchored to the jawbone) to provide a solid “root-like” structural support, which is how the “real teeth” look and feel is achieved.  This incredibly advanced technique has drastically reduced the overall treatment and recovery time, and in most cases your dentist can install temporary provisional teeth on the same day of implant placement – provisional teeth also look and function like normal teeth – meaning you restore your beautiful smile in, well, a day!

Your “smile in a day” implants are also easier to clean and cheaper to maintain than some of the older replacement options. You can find more information on how All on 4 works and how it will benefit you here. To speak with our friendly staff about improving your smile, or to book an appointment, contact us today!